Services resume at St Chad’s

It was a huge pleasure to have no many joining us for Morning Service at St Chad’s on Sunday 12th December. It was lovely to see so many smiling faces – albeit that all were wearing masks so, as Cheen put it, we were looking at sparkling eyes but we knew the smiles were behind the masks!

Of course there are lots of protocols which we are required by the Diocese to meet. You will not be surprised to know that we are taking a deliberately cautious approach and have highlighted the main points below:-

  • Everyone will need to wear a mask and will need to not only scan the QR Code or sign in but be ready for a member of Vestry to verify their Vaccine Passport. Please have this ready for attendance at any service or event at St Chad’s. It can either on your phone or a hard copy.
  • Please feel free to sit in groups within your bubble. However, you may wish to leave a space around you or your group and be aware that others may wish to have more space around them than is normal at St Chad’s!
  • As we will be required to verify Passports each week can you please arrive a little early to allow for the extra time this will take. 
  • We hope to be able to have Communion (which will be in one kind only) on Christmas Day if not before.
  • We will not be having Morning Tea for now as this requires even more rigorous protocols. However, we do hope to add this important aspect of our fellowship a little later, once we are used to our new regimes.

See the notices page for services and events over the Christmas period

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