Colin Newel, Harvey Vivian and Jo Burgess – recently Licensed as Local Lay Ministers at St Chad’s

At the recent Service of Remembrance candles were lit for each of the 27 Lions members from all over the region who died during the last 12 months
St Chad’s after the renovations
The altar decorated for our Harvest Festival
The first of our wonderful new stained glass windows
The new look interior – seen from the new mezzanine room
Bishop Ross Bay formally reopening the Church
Bishop Ross preaching at the re-opening. His sermon can be found in the “News and Events” section of the website
Josh Jones and his band gave a great concert on ‘Spirituality through music’ – finishing with dancing in the Church!
Messy Church with craft for all ages
Messy Church also had lots of singing
Messy Church – everyone listening to a story
There were fun games…
…more craft…
…rock painting…
…shuffleboard and more craft!
Rev Carolyn Newel, Rt Rev Bishop Ross Bay and Council Chairman Colin Newel at the reopening celebrations
Archdeacon Carole Hughes and Methodist President Graeme White, assisted by Rev Carolyn Newel, symbolically unwind the strands which had joined the two Churches together over the years
The news signs incorporate the emblem of St Chad