We are back on Sunday 31st at 10am for a Pentecost Service of Holy Communion!

We are delighted to say that we will have our first service back at St Chad’s this Sunday at 10.00am as usual.
There are, of course, lots of changes of which you need to be aware. Please read these as they are very important.

  • The cleaners are going in before Sunday to complete a ’sanitising clean’ in preparation for our return.
  • The most important thing for all of us is that if anyone is feeling unwell please stay at home.
  • We will have an attendance sheet which everyone will need to sign – immediately after having sanitised their hands on arrival. We won’t wear our badges for now.
  • The collection plate will be at the back of the Church and we would ask you to place your offerings in it before the service commences. We cannot use our lovely new bags for the moment.
  • Readers have been asked to print their readings or bring their own bibles. As we would need to sanitise the microphones and the lectern between readers we are going to ask readers to simply read in a loud voice without the microphone from the front. For now we will have the readings on the screen so everyone can follow them.
  • The preacher can use the bible lectern, the liturgist will use the other lectern and the intercessor will read from the front in a loud voice!
  • Rather than try and mark which seats can and cannot be used we would ask everyone to leave one chair between their bubble and the next bubble – to the side, to the front and behind! This way couples and family groups can sit together whilst respecting the 1 metre social distancing requirements.
  • There will be no singing for now but we plan to include recorded and live music which we hope everyone will sit and enjoy.
  • We cannot for now pass the peace in the usual St Chad’s fashion and Carolyn has suggested that we simply respond to the priest and mentally pass it on to everyone else! 
  • Communion will be in one element only and the presiding priest will take the wine on behalf of everyone. We will direct people to form a single line (1m apart) to receive the wafer, returning to their seats down the side rather than back down the centre aisle. There will be sanitiser available prior to receiving communion. People are asked to extend their arms and hands and the priest will drop the wafer into your hands.  Of course we will quite understand that if people prefer not to receive a wafer, they may come up to receive a blessing instead or just remain seated. 
  • There will be no need for communion servers for now.
  • For the time being we will not have morning tea. We would hope to be able to plan this in the near future with ‘restaurant service’ as the current rules require, recognising that it is an important part of our fellowship together.
  • The clean up after the service will include wiping down hard surfaces, microphones, if used, and IT equipment.

If you have any questions please come back to us. We hope we have covered everything but, as you can imagine, it is all very different.

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